So… Being a holiday and all I went to work with the road bike with the intention to test it out on Botha Ave after work. O yeah i forgot… I got a road bike 🙂 for those shocked beyond comprehension; I like the idea of endurance consistency and racking up the miles.


That said I looove me hard tail, rides brilliantly and alot of fun but Dang it’s heavy, now that I felt a carbon road bike in my mind the mountain bike is a bus but doesn’t handle like a bus it’s brilliant.


Nonetheless a little back storie there… So after work did a fun 40km ride home taking some scenic roads (I’ll take pics next time) and didn’t bring me dinner home :(. So I decided to just take the hard tail out to go grab some milk at the garage and some very healthy kfc (only option) and boy was it a great ride.


It almost felt like Sorento without the sea tho,  at 3am dead quite in the streets  I peddled doen the road to the garage, when I got there I had some friendly banter with the attendants as it just started dripping small drops of rain ever so slightly.


I cruised to kfc a little more nervous as lynnwood road after hans steydom is a bit open and dark however my 1500 lumens light made it much better, but I tho the cars where not so forgiving. To my luck the kfc was closed haha so back to the fridge to DeForest the chicken breast lightly salted and peppers mmmm.


In the end as I was cycling home the thunder was scattered accross the sky and I could be more happy that I got to spend that moment on the bike 9pm at night on a dirt road heading home.


Enjoy every moment in the moment.